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Nosh's Unforgettable Experience at Brigade Metropolis

Updated: Apr 27

We are immensely excited to share our experience at Brigade Metropolis, Bangalore. During our visit here, we proudly unveiled Nosh, our AI-powered cooking robot, inviting users to the Nosh Beta trials- our most advanced version yet, set to revolutionize the way you experience food at home.

The response from residents was phenomenal, further cementing our belief that Nosh is a game-changer in the culinary world.

Over 100 residents, driven by curiosity, eagerly attended the demo session (which was initially said to accommodate only 40-50 attendees). To ensure an immersive experience of Nosh's culinary skills, we presented 7 exquisitely crafted dishes using two units of Nosh including Pesto Paneer, Chilli Chicken, Moong Dal ka Halwa, Alfredo Pasta, Paneer Khurchan, Pesto Chicken and Butter Garlic Chicken. Residents eagerly invited their friends and other families to partake in experiencing culinary excellence through Nosh.

The moment of truth arrived as residents relished the flavorful dishes prepared by Nosh. Their amazement at the skilled precision of our AI-powered robot was obvious, coupled with a sense of culinary wonder that lit up their eyes. Impressed by the taste of the dishes we received on-the-spot subscriptions, and eager inquiries to make Nosh an integral part of the consumers’ kitchens.

Brigade Metropolis is a diverse community of newlyweds, small families, retired couples, and single working professionals. The exuberant feedback left by consumers confirmed their belief in Nosh's competence and self-sufficient design, empowering anyone to become a master of culinary specialties.

With Nosh, we are setting a new standard in the world of culinary experience. We had a great time at Brigade Metropolis introducing Nosh to the consumers and we look forward to deploying Nosh at their homes.

The Nosh Beta Subscriptions are open to a selected few. To book your slot now, click here-

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