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  • What is Nosh subscription?
    Nosh is an end-to-end home food solution to cook delightful meal effortlessly. The subscription solves for cooking with Nosh cooking robot and for preparation with delivery of freshly chopped ingredients every evening along with add-ons such as rotis and raita. You get personalized taste, variety and control over health in addition to no stress of grocery planning and tedious chopping
  • How do I choose the menu?
    Every week, you design your menu from a range of options and submit it before 10PM on Saturday
  • When are mealkits delivered?
    Mealkits are delivered every evening between 6PM - 8PM as per your preferred slot. Rotis are delivered twice a day morning (8AM - 10AM) and evening (6PM - 8PM)
  • Can I skip mealkit delivery?
    Yes, you can skip mealkit delivery. Refund for the same will be provided as Nosh credit which can be used later
  • How do you ensure freshness and quality of ingredients?
    Fresh ingredients are sourced in the morning, and washed, chopped and packed to be delivered the same evening. We do not add any preservatives and therefore the shelf life of ingredients is just 1 day.
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