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Last updated: September 29, 2021

About Nosh

  • What is Nosh?

Nosh is an AI-based home cooking robot that cooks 120+ dishes such as Pulao, Pasta, Kadhai Paneer, Chicken Curry, Carrot Halwa, Kheer etc automatically as per the user's taste preference.

  • How does Nosh work?​

Load - Load the chopped ingredients in the ingredient tray and gently slide them into the device

Command ​- Select your favourite dish and command Nosh to cook 

Cook - Sit back and relax while Nosh prepares your delicious meal

Nosh cooking Kadhai Paneer automatically:

  • What are the capacity of the ingredient tray, water and oil containers?

Capacity of Ingredient tray - 0.5 litres/slot and 2.5 litres in total (5*500ml).

Capacity of water and oil containers- 0.5 litres of oil and 1.5 litres of water

  • How much electricity will Nosh consume?

Nosh consumes 1 unit/hour

  • Can Nosh cook without the internet?

Yes, Nosh can cook preloaded recipes without the internet. Internet connection is required only for recipe personalization and accessing new recipes.​

  • Are the materials used in Nosh safe?

All materials which come in contact with food are safe and FDA compliant.​

  • Is Nosh easy to clean?

Pan, stirrer and ingredient tray are the only parts that need to be cleaned after every cooking.​

  • Where is Nosh manufactured?

Nosh is proudly innovated, designed and manufactured in India.​

  • Will the Nosh application be available in Android and IOS?

Yes, the Nosh application will be available in both Android and IOS.​

  • How can I contact the Nosh team?

You can contact the Nosh team by email at​​

Nosh Recipies

  • How many dishes can Nosh cook?

Nosh can cook 120+ dishes. For complete list, please visit

  • Can I create my own recipe?

​Yes, you can create your own recipes and share them with friends and family.

  • How many portions can Nosh cook at a time?

Nosh can cook maximum 4 portions

  • Can I adjust the number of portions to cook?

Yes, you may choose to cook between 1 to 4 portions on Nosh application

  • Can Nosh chop ingredients for the dish?

At present, Nosh cannot chop the ingredients. We are exploring a chopping solution. However, all our recipes have been designed considering the chopping convenience.

Return, Service and Warranty

  • What is the return and refund policy?

Please visit here to know about return and refund:

  • How will you provide post-purchase support?

We have service partners for any hardware issue and remote troubleshooting for any software issue

  • What is included in the warranty?

The product has 2 years warranty except for the ingredient tray, stirrer and pan. These accessories have 6 months of warranty

  • Will I get future software updates after the purchase?

Yes, you’ll be eligible for all future software updates of Nosh.

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