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Nosh is all set to give you a perfect blend of convenience, flavors, consistency, and authenticity, all hassle-free in your kitchen.

Ends on 31st December 2021 

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Be the first to witness the power of our Cooking Robot at your home. Just command what you want to eat on Nosh app and get freshly cooked hot food!

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The Big Discount

There is no way to repay the trust, but with early access, you get a Flat $100 Discount 

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No Questions Asked Return

Explore Nosh for 50 days and if you are not satisfied return it without any questions

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Unparalleled Support

Your happiness is our priority, We ensure to be a call away for all the early access customers

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2 years Warranty

NOSH is Innovated, Designed and manufactured in India. We Strive to serve the country our best. 

Assured warranty for 2 years.

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Recipe Master

Access  120+ pre-loaded Recipes. Suggest, review and create your own recipes with Nosh.

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NOSH Club Access

Only nosh club members will get access to a lifetime free upgrade of recipes by world-class chefs for the first 500 pre-orders


It is very simple!

Book your NOSH now with a small booking fee. 


Own your Most advanced cooking robot at



Confirm your order by paying $20/-

Fully Refundable

Ends on 31st December 2021 

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